We have been asking all along for studies of us.
Here is the opportunity.  I just got off the phone
with Dr. John Langone, Chief of Molecular Biology in
the FDA's Office of Science and Technology.  He is
the scientist who conducted the study "Immunological
Responses to Silicone Breast Implants" which
appeared in the The Office of Science & Technology
Annual Report published last month.  For those of
you not familiar with this study, the report can be
downloaded from the FDA web site.

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Basically, the study demonstrated that medical grade silicone oil
can stimulate serum autoantibodies against collagen
and against DNA when this oil is injected into
mammary tissues of rates.  The OST scientists also
evaluated autoantibody levels in serum samples from
150 patients representing four groups: women with
silicone implants without connective tissue disease,
women with silicone implants with connective tissue
disease (CTD), women with connective disease but no
implants, and healthy women volunteers.

Results from these experiments show in a statistically
significant manner that elevated autoantibodies to
collagen type I, collagen type II and anti-DNA were
detected in serum of patients with CTD, CTD+
silicone implants, and silicone implants without

They want to study many more women so they
can prove a statistically significant number of
women have had adverse reactions to silicone, but
they are having difficulty finding doctors willing
to participate by sending serum samples of women
they are treating.  This important research cannot
continue if they don't have women to study!  I
suggested to Dr. Langone that I could contact as
many women implant survivors as I could to obtain
names of their treating physicians who would be
willing to furnish serum samples to the OST.  I will
compile the list of doctor's names, addresses and
phone numbers and send them to Dr. Langone.  Dr.
Langone would then contact the doctors directly.  We
desperately need this unbiased research!  If you are
at all uncomfortable sending me your doctor's name,
address, phone & fax, please let me know and I will
see how the info can be sent directly to the OST
rather than through me.  Please check with your
doctor first.  It would also help if you could pass
this on to as many women as possible, including
those who may not have access to the internet.

Please let me know if you have any questions or
suggestions.  THANKS!!


~~~ thank you, rosemarie! ~~~