Excellent Books on Silicone Implants

"Silicone Spills" - Breast Implants on Trial - by Mary White Stewart
"The Silicone Implant Conroversy" - What Every Woman Needs to Know - by Dr. Frank Vasey & Josh Feinstein (Complimentary copy will be sent to anyone requestiong a copy from National Silicone Implant Foundation)
"Handbook of Poisening" -12th Edition - Medical TexBook - by R.H. Dreisback & Wm. D. Robertson
"Breast Implants - Everything You Need to Know", 2nd Edition - by Nancy Brunning
Poisening & Toxicology Handbook - 2nd Edition ('96/'97) by Jerrold B. Liekin, M.D. & Frank P. Poloucekm, PhD. Pharmacology
"Betrayed" by Gloria Bywalec & Anna Marie Rzippa
"Torn Illusions" by Pamela Stott-Kendall
"Silicone-Gate" by Dr. Henry Jenny
"Informed Consent" by John A. Byrne
"No Contest" by Ralph Nader & Wesley J. Smith
"Breast Implants" - An Information Update --1999 by FDA 
"Breast Implants: From Hell to Healing" by Donna Townes