Below, you will see the different views you can arrange your icq panel.  The most confusing part of ICQ, is knowing where to find everything!  Many people have trouble doing things because they don't know this, so I going to illustrate HOW to find your features...

View 1 - illustrates your panel with the ICQ ACTIVE LIST button this layout, you see ONLY the DOWrats group on the panel, and whatever ACTIVE lists.

VIEW 2- illustrates the panel with the regular ICQ LIST BUTTON this layout, you see your REGULAR LIST on ICQ ABOVE, with only the DOWrats group button at the bottom.  (NOTE-You may have contacts on BOTH LISTS, just in case DOWrats is OFFLINE. This way you can also reach you implant sisters when the DOWrats server is down.


VIEW 3 - illustrates the panel with the ONLINE MODE BUTTON  also pushed. This view shows only the users that are online, rather than listing both online AND offline users.
(NOTE- This is rather nice if you have a large list of contacts on your list.  Also, in this view, notice that the activelist contact buttons are RED, meaning their group server is OPEN, but you are NOT CONNECTED THEM. If their server is DOWN, the buttons are grayed out. EX:  


VIEW #3 - This illustration shows it in ACTIVE LIST MODE, but the server is NOT connected in this picture. I have shown what happens when you are showing the RED, DISCONNECTED and you need to connect. A window opens with the options and the first option is the CONNECT OPTION.  You will want to CLICK this when you want ON DOWrats.