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From: "BRENDA LIVSEY" <BRENDA@blivsey.freeserve.co.uk> (by way of ilena rose) Save Address Block Sender
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Subject: Government Cover up ~ For all UK Silicone Women
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 22:45:37 -0700
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To all the ladies in the U.K.,

If you had your implants on the National Health and do not have details of
manufacturer.  Please now write to your Member of Parliament sending a copy
of my Expose' and saying that you want answers.

In light of the Cover up, I now consider the I.R.G. was a farce, and its
findings, null and void.

I have already sent a copy of my statistics to Roger Sturrock, Chairman of
the I.R.G. many months ago and have not as yet received an acknowledgement.
I now intend to send him a copy of everything I put out on the Internet,
making him aware that the world knows what is going on.

So come ladies of the United Kingdom, if you want justice, write to your
M.P. and demand answers.  Its no use sitting on your backside and moaning it
about.  Whats that old adage - Words are mightier than the sword.

I look forward to hearing that Westminster has been inundated with letter of
protest.  Spread the word to the ladies who do not have computers and just
don't leacve it to the few, we are sick too, very sick.

Your feed me with ammunition, and I'll fire it,

Best wishes,

 Brenda Livsey

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