It is vitally important that you have your implants removed properly, and that your surgeon will be willing to follow the protocol for documenting your surgery, pathological reports and prepare explanted material correctly.  If you do not have this done correctly, explantation could actually make you WORSE, or you could miss your chance to have your case documented and be permitted to be compensated for your damages in the future. May women have been hurt irrepairable because of negligence, improper removal, or  improper documentation, etc.  Please do not be one of those victims!

Again, if this list is in need of updating in any way, or my information is incorrect, please email me so that I may keep this current.  If you know about another good Plastic Surgeon you would like to recommend, please notify me so I may add them to this list.

Prices are subject to change and/or condition of patient.

Dr. Marguerite Barnett P/S
530 S. Nekomis ave., Suite 6
Venice,  FL  34285
Self-Pay  $4,275

Dr. Eduardo Barroso P/S    
524 Arthur Godfrey Rd.,
Miami Beach,  FL  33140
(305)674-8586  (Obtain in WRITING from him to remove your implants "en bloc" and do a total capsulectomy, if at all possible.)

Dr.  Francis Burton   P/S
San Antonio, TX   (New to list but highly recommended)

Dr.  Hollis H.  Caffee P/S
Prof. Plastic Surtgery,
University Florida College Medicine,
Box 100286,  Gainesville, FL  32610

Dr. Jae Chun P/S
1101 Bayside Dr., Suite 100
Corona Del Mar, CA  92625

Dr. Jeffery Darrow  P/S
Boston Center Ambulatory Surgery
270 Commnwealth ave.,
Boston,  MA  02116

Dr. Lu-Jean Feng  P/S      Click to see her website
1 Mt. Sinai Dr.,
Cleveland, OH  44106
(Requires payment upfront,($4075.00)  even if you have obtained insurance Preapproval  (most others on list do not),  if they will not confirm the amount they pay for explant.  However, her office does an overall excellent job of obtaining reimbursement after the surgery.)  Also,  she requires that you come for the consultation and then at a later date for the explantation.  If you live quite a distance from her, this adds to your expense.  most other Plastic Surgeons on this list will try to arrange so the consultation and explant can be done in one visit.

Dr. Karl B. Hiatt  P/S
500 W. 10th Pl.  # 124
Mesa,  AZ
For Info, Contact Edna, the support group leader in AZ

Dr. Linda Huang P/S
1575 Humboldt
Denver  CO  80218
(Self-pay:  $4200.00)
Contact  LINDA , who works with Dr. Huang and is head of a suport group.

Dr. Helen James  P/S
3001 Squalicum Pkwy
Bellingham WA  98225

Dr. Thomas Kennedy  P/S
1050 B Ave.  Suite A,
Coronado,  CA  92118

Dr. Susan Kolb P/S               Click to go to her website
Plastikos  4370 Georgetown Square
Atlanta, GA  30338
(Dr. Kolb has a clinic for treatment to help with your recovery after explant,  including a neurologist and several other physicians.)

Dr. Gilbert Lee  P/S
3434 Midway Dr., Suite 1007
San Diego, CA  92110

Dr. Shirley Madison  P/S
244 Greenville, NW
Aiken, SC  29801

Dr. Edward P. Melmed  P/S
777 Forest LN,. #10
Dallas, TX  75230

Dr. Karin Montero  P/S
11149 Research Blvd.  Suite 200
Austin, TX  78759
(Question her carefully,  and get it in writing that she will remove your implants "en bloc" and will do a total capsulectomy)

Dr. Hans P. Norberg  P/S
4157 S. Harvard Ave.  suite 125,
Tulsa, OK  74135
(Again, be certain he agrees to remove your emplants "en bloc' and does a total capsulectomy, if at all possible)

Dr.  Ted Potruch
1640 alta Dr.  Suite 2A
Las Vegas, NV  89106
(Suggested by Jill Whitbeck and Geoffrey White with the same law firm who represented Charlotte Mahlum against Dow Chemical and won her award of $4.2 million.)

Dr. William J Rea, surgeon
Environmental Health Center
8345 Walnut Lane  Wuite 205
Dallas,  TX 72231
(Very good, particularly if you have multiple chemical sensitivities and/or allergies making explant more complicated).

Dr. D. Scott Rotatori  P/S        Click to see his website
851 W. Morse Blvd.
Winter Park, FLA  32789

Dr. James R. Sanger
Dept. Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery,
Medical College of wisconsin
9200 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI  53226
(Make sure he will remove your implants "en bloc" and perform a total capsulectomy if possible)

Dr. William W. Shaw  Chief Plastic Surgery
200 UCLA Medical Plaza
Box 956950
Los Angeles.  CA 90025

Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis  P/S
1229 S. Strawbridge ave.,
Melbourne,  FL  32901
(Make sure he will remove your implants "en bloc" and perform a total capsulectomy if possible)

Dr. Fabian Worthing  P.S
17070 Red Oak Dr.  Suite  307
Houston, TX  77090
(This surgeon takes VIDEO TAPE of your explant!)
(Self-Pay $7300.00)