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What's New as of 02/06/200

What's New as of 02/06/2001

Amended Opinion: Relating to Appeals from and Motions Regarding the
Bankruptcy Court's November 30, 1999 Confirmation Order

Opinion Denying Motions for Reconsideration

Orders Denying Motions for Reconsideration and Motion to Intervene

Order Approving Claims Operations Manager and Facilities Manager for the
Dow Corning Settlement Facility

Case Management Order No. 1 (24 pages)

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the monies be released to the claimants?
The Plan documents establish the time when the monies will be released to
the claimants, depending on whether the claimant elects to settle or

Whom do I contact to verify my claim in the Bankruptcy?
The Tort Claimants Committee and Dow Corning have established a toll-free
Information Center at 1-888-577-7526 or (718) 361-4500 (8:00 a.m. to 12
midnight EST, Mon-Sat)

How can my name be added to the service list?
There is no official service list. An addition would depend on whether or
not an appearance has been filed or who the parties are in a certain case
or appeal.

If I accept the settlement, will I still be able to sue Dow Chemical
Company and Corning Incorporated?
This issue is currently on appeal at this time.

Does your court have the telephone numbers and contacts for Dow Corning
and other silicone manufacturers?
The Court does not have the numbers or contacts for Dow Corning or other
silicone manufacturers, please refer to Dow Corning¹s web page or contact the Information Center 1-888-577-7526 or
(718) 361-4500 (8:00 a.m. to 12 midnight EST, Mon-Sat.).

When will litigation begin for claimants who have opted out of the
settlement plan?
The Plan documents establish the time when the litigation will begin.

Where should questions be directed about the appeals?
Questions should be directed to the Dow Litigation Unit at (313) 234-5090
or via facsimile (313) 234-5395.

Where should documents be filed?
An original and judge¹s copy should be filed in the Dow Litigation Unit at:

United States District Court
for the Eastern Division of Michigan
The Theodore Levin United States Courthouse
231 W. Lafayette, Room 128
Detroit, MI 48226-2797