No, we are not discouraged, because we have many studies that refute the latest reports. I will be adding them as I can.

Click here for information which challenges the new reports: Read about Dr. Shanklin's Work:

Read Dr. Walkers' Opinion on the new studies:

Message from Dow about claims:

Read the TRUTH about the studies:
We do have SOME (although not enough!) positive press:

A new Report from:The Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine; Wayne State University, School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan, and *Department of Internal Medicine, Providence Hospital, Southfield, Michigan

Dr. Levin Files Formal Complaint against Dr. Fahey:

Below is a link on some CFS and Fibromyalgia research. Notice the reference to this condition being triggered by something. In the list, it mentions :"immune activation,can be responsible for the fatigue and pain involved in CFIDS and FM. An individual's immune system can be activated by numerous events, including a virus, bacteria, or chemical exposure. "

Check this one out!

Provided by Toxic Discovery Network, Inc.

Suggested points to cover when writing to Congress were provided by the Natl. NOW Legislative Liaison in Washington, DC. Should you care to do so, language from the Natl. NOW resolution that just passed may be quoted WITH THE UNDERSTANDING that the resolution is still officially in draft form, has not been finalized & released, &, has yet to be posted on the Natl. NOW website. (Copy of resolution follows.) Brief letters are more likely to be read.

I want to assure you that the resolution DID pass by a unanimous vote of "the body" (all members eligible to vote) at the 1999 Natl. NOW Conference. However, all resolutions must be reviewed by the Natl. NOW Board, &, checked for "policy content," spelling, grammar, etc., before they are formally released.

You may notice the absence of the words "informed consent" in the resolution, although language having the same meaning was included. The phrase "informed consent" was not used due to it's strong association with another political group.

FACT SHEET on the safety of breast implants -
A Review of the IOM Report - by Diane Zuckerman, Ph.D.
The Second Coming of Breast Implants - by Diane Zuckerman, PH.D.
The Ongoing Controversy About Breast Implants - by Diane Zuckerman, Ph.D.

Loretta Lynn speaks out on breast implants!