Silicone Survivor doing research on gel materials of explants
                                     NOTE from Jeena: 

To protect identify of author of this letter, I have edited out her real name and snail mail address. Please email her if you are a victim of Breast implants and wish to help her with this research.

I am a silicone survivor and will begin graduate in August in Biochemistry.  
I am specifically interested in doing research onthe implant gel materials of women 
who have been explanted and kept their implants as evidence.  I believe I can 
make a difference now in the science community that has mainly focused on the 
surface problems in womens' health once they become apparent.

I want to study silicone gel implants for their chemical makeup and what the
gel makeup is after explant of a ruptured implants has reacted with
surrounding tissues.  I believe this could be a big step towards learning
more about what I believe to be a very toxic substance to the human body and
implications in biological pathways and processes.

I am asking for responses from women with explanted implants to contact me if
the would be willing to submit pathology reports and implant gel samples if
they were able to retain the explanted implants.

I am only compiling this list to have contacts that I will use once I begin
my graduate program and research studies.  This will be in the fall of 1999.
Anyone interested in helping me with this research please contact me and tell
your story and if you have explanted implants that you could let me have a
small sample of the gel if giving me the entire implant is a problem,
minimalization of trafer of the gel will lower incidence of possible problems
due to gel tranfer from its original envelope. The implants ruptured or
otherwise will make for better science.  If you have already received a
pathology report that would also be useful for me as well.  I know you can
take pictures of ruptured implants to serve as evidence in lieu of the
actually implants themselves.

I will be able to study these and a temperature controlled environment and
steps will be taken to ensure the implants can (if need be) returned to their
respective owner.

Please consider this as my personal fight for all of us women who have been
injured by silicone.

Please consider this as my personal fight for all of us women who have been
injured by silicone.

I hope to hear from many of you soon and please if you have questions, feel free to ask. Thanks Again!