Date: July 04, 1999 04:19 AM
Posted letter on the VAULT REPORTS.COM.
 My name is Katy. I live in the central portion of California,the San Joaquin Valley, where the summers are so hot you almost melt and in the winters you almost freeze to death. This is not the ideal place for a person with many joint and bone problems. I know this sounds irrelevant to the majority of people posting to this site. However, it is very relevant. I live in this situation because it is one of the least expensive places in California to live This is of major importance since my decision to 'invest' with DOW .

I invested some money with DOW in 1974. It wasn't a great deal of money,only about $3000. Of course for me, at that time,it was a formidable amount, considering that I worked as a waitress and was raising two children on my own. This investment began  paying off in spades approximately three months after my original 'investment'.

My first 'dividend' was cold, hard, capsular contractures , which  felt like burning baseballs in both of my 'investments', which I always carried with me, inside my shirt attached to my chest (Safe keeping, you know) .

I went o see my 'broker' a man named Dr. Joseph Powers, a Plastic Surgeon in Upland, Ca. (A much nicer place to live than Visalia. He informed me that DOW had told him if any of his 'investors' happened to come up with this problem it would be beneficial to 'put the squeeze" to them. LITERALLY!! He, like a good little rep, did what they asked and did, indeed, put the 'squeeze' to them. That was like no pain I had ever known, remember, I had already had two children so that is saying something. This particular 'squeeze' was meant to break the incapsulation. It did, in fact, manage to break one of them. Only one problem, it also broke the silicone capsule holding the solution that was to ultimately kill me. However the other half of
my investment remained intact. ROCK SOLID! From that time
on I have continued to receive 'dividends'.

Almost on schedule, I received, Fibromyalgia, next was a payment of Arachnoiditis in my spine, next they sent me a double dose of Sjogrens Syndrome along with Reynauds Phenomenon.

I didn't get to 'split' my shares' until 1984 when they gleefully rewarded me was rewarded with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Next, in order to reward me even further for my 'investment' in
their company, they presented me with Scleroderma and
numerous arthritic like problems.

Well, I think I have taken you far enough (although it isn't the end) into my rewards for my investment with DOW. My original $3000 has now blossomed into a negative $850,000.00, most of which has been paid by people like you, due to the fact that since 1981 I have been 100% disabled. I spend my days in a wheelchair; that is, when I can get out of bed. Each and every day I 'BLESS' them for their caring and concern. Each time I cannot pick up and hold one of my grandchildren I think of DOW and my $3000.00
'investment'. But I do feel blessed because they 'gave' me much
more than they ever gave to the 'investors' of their Dalkon Shield.

How lucky I am to have been involved with such an upstanding company as DOW!! I believe that is the short form of  Deny''Omit''Withhold'. That appears to be their specialty.

If you are a DOW investor, or are considering investing in Dow, remember that money is nothing when you have to spill others blood to get it. If any of you would be interested I have a great investment opportunity for you. I have a pair of silicone implants (used only once) in a formaldahyde solution on a shelf in the back of my closet. I'll sell them cheap. Of course, they are a little discolored, kind of like Molasses Taffy, but not really black. Oh yes, they are also a trifle bit smaller than they were originallly but that is because I just couldn't bear parting with them and decided to keep some of the & thick, sticky, shiittt floating around throughout my body.

If you have a heart, a soul or perhaps a caring spirit you will not assist this murderous affiliation to continue getting rich at the expense of others. Here, but for the Grace of God go YOU.

Katy age 58, prognosis from Neurolologist, approximately 8 or 9 months