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1. Avoid land animal protein, including dairy products. Deep sea fish are allowed - cod, salmon, mackerel, herring.

2. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain.

a. Eat 50% raw foods.
b. Avoid night shade plants (potato, tomato, bell pepper,
c. Clean in the lemon and saltwater before eating.
d. No sweets, no candies, no bananas, no oranges, etc.
3. Drink 8 glasses of either filtered or bottled water a day.

4. Recommend walking followed by stretching (3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off)

a. 5 min warm up
b. 30 min walk
c. 10 min stretch
d. 5 min warm down
5. Liver detox with Tumeric 600 mg 3 times a day or eat curry powder (cooked) 40 gm a day.

6. Supplements:

a. Multivitamin with minerals, one twice a day (Skip it if you take thymic formula with vitamins)
b. Vitamin C with flavonoid 500 mg 4 times a day
c. Flax seed oil, on tablespoon/100 pounds of weight a day. ( Helps body to eliminate silicate silicate in the body)
d. Inositol 500 mg two 3 times a day. Natural Source; Beans, lentils, nuts, oats, rice, wheat germ, cantaloupe, citrus (except lemon), whole grain.
e. Thymic factors 3 twice a day to 6 twice a day, depending on severity of immune/autoimmune problems.
f. Ginkgo biloba 40 mg 3 times a day
g. Bromelain 300 mg 3 times or eat 1/3 pineapple a day (Note: Phytopharmica makes a supplement called CurcuMax that contains Curcuma Root Extract & Bromelain which are natural  nti-inflammatory agents.)
7. Stress management:
a. Relaxation exercises.
b. Meditation.


1. See Silicone Treatment Protocol - Level I.

2. For patients with symptoms of candidiasis (fatigue,muscle aches, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, memory loss, vaginal yeast infections) we recommend: Use of a yeast diet (see the Yeast connection or other popular books) and acidophilus or a yeast program such as Harmony
Formula's Candida Program is recommended. May require oral Nystatin 5 cc 3 times/day if ever on antibiotics, and may require Diflucan 200 mg a day for 10-14 days if liver function tests are normal and you are not on any medicines which should not be taken with Diflucan. Ask your physician or Dr. Susan Kolb if you feel you have candidiasis.

3. For patients with longer and more severe silicone exposure, we recommend: Intravenous therapy to include (Ascorbic Acid, vitamin C), minerals and vitamins to help restore missing nutrients and
hydroxylate the crystallized silicate in the tissues so it can more readily be eliminated. We recommend IV therapy twice a week for four weeks. Transfusion time is 1 hours. Cost is $75 per IV treatment.

4. Endermologie for tissue lymphedema. Cost is $85 per treatment. This is a physical means of clearing the lymphatics, especially of the upper extremities and chest wall which may be blocked by silicone.

5. Hypnotherapy to deal with the anger. Women often feel angry due to the circumstances surrounding the implantation or due to the lack of sensitivity of the medical community to the patient's illness. Anger is a toxic emotion that can block the healing process, and hypnotherapy is
an effective means to release the anger so healing can proceed.

6. Additional nutritional therapies. In addition to thymic factors and vitamin formulas we recommend anti-inflammatory nutrients such as grape seed extract and Pycnogenol. Beta 1.3 D Glucan (Beta Gold) may also be effective as an immune system enhancer. Super Malic 8-12/day is effective
in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

7. Modified fasting: A fast lasting one to three days using vegetable broth and organic diluted apple juice combined with oral aloe vera gel (1/2 cup a day) to cleanse the colon.

8. Colon cleansing: Used as an adjunct to fasting to cleanse the lower colon of toxins. Colon therapists are available.

9. Detoxification programs such as Metagenics Ultraclear Plus.

10. Energy medicine: Techniques to enhance the immune system
and release toxic emotions from the body to help facilitate healing.