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Subject: Chemical testing for Women with Polyurethane Implants TDA and TDI - Current Testing information
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 15:34:28 -0700
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July 1999, Information below is current.
Subj: For woman who  have the polyurethane-coated Silicone Implants.

Test for:  2,4Toluene Diamine and 2,6Toluene Diiosocyanate. AKA TDA  & TDI
We present the following for your information, this is not intended  as
medical advice:TDA & TDI BLOOD & URINE TESTING:

The TDA 2,4 & 2,6  SERUM TEST WAS CREATED IN MARCH 1993. (Urine created ?)

 For out of state call: Nat. Med. at 800-522-6671.  The test number for
either serum or urine is #4508.   The doctor "MUST" specify chosen test, or

The cost is  $93.00 each.  He must submit 2ml of blood serum or plasma in a
grey or  purple tube.  Re: Urine, 20ml that is frozen & light protected,
with  5drops of concentrated HCL.  Anyone having these tests should have
their  lab or physician contact client services at Nat. Med., Pa. for exact
specimen  requirements.      IMPORTANT:  These tests are usually sent
through another lab.  If  the specimens are sent direct to Nat. Med., they
"DO NOT" indicate on  the report that positive findings  of either "may be
a result of  breakdown of polyurethane implants"     One lab that
frequently uses the services of Nat. Medical Serv. is  "Lab Corp"
(previously called National Health Laboratories) Locations  across the

You can call 800-788-9091 or your local "Lab  Corp".

    The test numbers used by Lab Corp for TDA & TDI are as follows:
URINE: #08657-0  & SERUM:#08710-9    Lab Corp will forward either specimen
to National Medical, (your DR may  wish toindicate  Nat.Meds. test #4508
also on the requisition  form.  The reason we preferLab Corp is on either
the urine or serum  test, the final report specifies: "A Positive finding
indicates  exposure to 2,6-Toluene diisocyante  or 2,4 &2,6-Toluenediamine;
or  a positive finding may be a breakdown of PolyurethaneImplants.  The
urine test specifies "pos. findings may indicate a"Disintegrated  Breast
Implant". Also, most private physicians have accounts with the Lab  Corp.
chain, so a client would not need to submit pre-payment.       I hope this
information ishelpful to you. Pass it on.. I must tell you that  although
we know these chemicals are stored in the fat, muscle, & organs  etc., If a
women has been ex-planted she might want to have the URINE test first  as
it may not alwaysshow in the blood. (also it may not show in the urine
either) "which doesn'tmean its not there"...     You must find out should
the urine specimen be "mid-stream" as is  usually required when they test
for kidney, Uti infections etc.

 National Medical Services specializes in Chemical testing.  They have
Greatcredentials" est aprox 40 years. They also perform corp. drug
testing, chainof evidence, forensic, etc. Their directory of Services can
be  requested byyour Doctor.   Confirmed: Private lab, "not owned by any of
the SBI manufacturers or

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